Worship Times


  • 8:45am Worship (Traditional)
  • 10:00am Worship

Traditional Worship is laced in liturgy and heritage, located in our intimate and beautiful Heritage Hall. You will hear organ, choir, hymns, liturgical prayers, in a format that is repeated every week.

10:00am Worship is more free flowing and we’ll sing modern worship music with a band in the Worship Center.

What can I expect when I come to your church?

We are an open and accepting church, we often us the term “come as you are.” What that means is that you will feel comfortable in jeans, shorts, or a suit. Come as you are also means we believe in grace. What is grace? Grace is permission that you don’t have to be perfect to attend. We believe that God gives us grace as a gift, and we share that gift with each other. EVERYONE is welcome here because of this gift of grace.

What do I do with my kids?

We love kids! Kids or infants are always welcome in worship. We also believe that our job as the church is to help you disciple your children. One of the ways we disciple our children is through the use of children’s worship which happens during the normal adult worship time. We invite you to take advantage of our rock-star Kid’s Community. We use a curriculum that partners the parents and the church in making disciples of our children.

Sunday morning, if you want to check your kids into our Kids Community, you’ll take them downstairs and sign them in to our check-in system. Safety and security of our kids is important, so we ask that everyone fill out our forms to check-in the kids.

The nursery is located on the main floor, and you’ll find a check in system in that room as well.

Running late? Don’t worry, we understand, just check your kids in and join us in worship whenever you can.

What do you believe?

That is a big question! Our mission statement is that we are called to be:

A church without walls, of Christ followers, serving and intentionally growing disciples.

In a nutshell here are the things we believe and value:

We believe in the authority of the Holy Scripture.
We believe that our role is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
We believe in the grace of God, and that grace is a gift.
We believe the role of the church is to serve and love the community.

We are a United Methodist community and align ourselves with the larger United Methodist Church.
Do you want to know more? You can find their belief statement at UMC – What We Believe

Do I have to believe in order to attend?

No. All are welcome.

Our Pastor teaches in a way that is open to everyone, and we try to ensure that everyone can check us out without feeling pressured.

What will I get if I attend your church?

Hope. Community. A place to serve and call your church home.

More than anything our desire is that through your connection with our church will help you grow in your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. No matter where you start on the path we just hope to walk along side you so that you might move forward.

Will you pray for me?

Yes! We would love to pray for you. Send your confidential prayer requests to our prayer team via Pastor Tony at tony@4cumc.org.

I have more questions: Who can I ask?

Our staff and lay leadership would love to answer any question you might have. The best approach is to email us at info@4cumc.org and our administrative assistant will forward your question to the best person possible.